The most complete code matching method for wireless remote control switches you have to know

2020-12-16 10:41:32

How to code the wireless remote control? Many customers have bought back the wireless remote control, but don’t know how to match the code? The following technicians from Shenzhen Fandou Technology Co., Ltd. will teach you:

   One, the same parameter method

   1. When configuring the wireless remote control, the transmitting frequency of the remote control must be the same. At present, the frequency of remote control commonly used in the market is 315MHZ330MHZ350MHZ390MHZ418MHZ430MHZ433MHZ, most of the remote control frequencies may be distinguished by the crystal holding.

  2. When configuring the wireless remote control, the code chip must be one. The coding chips commonly used in remote controls currently on the market include fixed code chips (PT2262PT2260PT2264SC2262HS2260, etc.), learning code chips (EV1527PT2240P527, etc.), and rolling code chips (HCS301HCS300HCS201HCS200, etc.). The coding chip of the remote control can be clearly distinguished by disassembling the remote control.

  3. When configuring the wireless remote control, the fixed code and the learning code must have the same oscillation resistance. The oscillation resistance value can find the corresponding value in the fixed code chip and the designated pin of the learning code chip.

  4. When configuring a fixed code wireless remote control, the address code must be the same, and the address code can be known from the code area of the original remote control.

  5. Since the remote control IC is also related to the buttons, the general user does not understand this method, so it is best to choose the four-button when configuring the remote control, so that several functions can be used.

   Two, copy method

   Because the same parameter method is not easy for many individual users to understand, as long as your remote control meets our three requirements for copy remote control, you can easily complete the remote control configuration.

   1. The original remote control can be used normally

  2. It is necessary to know the transmitting frequency of the original remote control. The above parameters are mentioned in the same way, the transmission frequency of the remote control can be distinguished by the remote control crystal oscillator

  3. The encoding chip of the original remote control should be within the compatible range of our copy remote control. Please refer to the figure below for the specific chip, crystal oscillator and compatibility range. Go to your original remote control to find the above parameters, then you can easily configure the remote control you need. The copy method for configuring the remote control is mostly applicable to the remote control of rolling shutters, barriers, telescopic doors, garage door remotes, sliding doors, swing doors, anti-theft alarm remotes, etc.

 The above about the code matching method of the wireless switch is here. Of course, the information provided by the editor can be used as a reference. There is no unified answer to the code matching method of the wireless switch. You can play freely.