AS595 motor soft start trigger board Motor soft starter

2020-12-16 15:05:26

AS595 motor soft start trigger board adopts 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, highly digitalized military quality design, dedicated to three-phase AC motor soft start occasions, with bypass output control. Function parameter setting adopts button operation, fault alarm, interface parameter adopts LED digital tube display, setting parameter is automatically stored. The soft start mode is a voltage ramp soft start, which enables the motor to achieve a smooth start under any working conditions, protects the drag system, reduces the impact of the starting current on the power grid, and ensures the smooth deceleration and soft stop of the motor, which effectively solves the inertia system The problem of parking surge, eliminates the feedback impact of the drive system, and can adjust various parameters in the starting process according to the characteristics of the motor load, such as overcurrent value, starting time, soft start and soft stop when the control panel is powered on , Overcurrent protection, working status indication. With thyristor anti-parallel AC trigger mode, it can trigger SCRs below 1000A, which is suitable for various load types such as soft start of three-phase AC motors in various fields of industry.


By controlling the starting voltage of the motor, excessive peak values of starting torque and starting current are avoided. On the one hand, the working machinery can be protected from excessive acceleration torque stress during the starting of the AC motor. On the other hand, the power supply system can be prevented from being impacted by excessive starting current, which greatly reduces the mechanical stress on the conveyed objects. , Reduce the wear of working machinery and transmission parts, so as to reduce maintenance, ensure work safety and extend the service life of equipment.


The soft-start thyristor trigger board has good reliability and stability, strong anti-interference ability, unique anti-interference measures, normal operation in harsh interference environment, complete self-diagnosis and motor operation protection functions of the soft-start board, power failure protection, line protection , Overvoltage protection, overload protection, phase sequence protection, phase failure protection, etc. Therefore, regardless of the external or internal production of various interference and fault signals, the performance of the soft starter board will be safer and more reliable due to the above protection functions. The output adopts isolation technology, which has a wide range of applications and has complete fault and alarm detection and Protection function, all parameters are digital, no temperature drift changes, improve the regulation accuracy and power utilization efficiency.


Main application of soft start trigger board:

a. In the field of fan use: it can realize the smooth start of the motor, reduce the mechanical impact and belt wear caused by other starting methods, thereby extending the service life of the equipment and ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.

b. In the field of water pump use: The soft stop function can eliminate the water hammer effect caused by high water pressure when the pump is stopped.

c. In the application field of conveying machinery: smooth start of the motor can be realized, so that product shifting or material shaking off due to shaking can be avoided during the conveying.


1. Performance characteristics:


1.1. Adopt 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, the components are imported with high stability, and are manufactured by fully automatic SMD process, with stable and reliable performance.

1.2. Intelligent PID current limiting control scheme, open parameters, adapt to different types of loads, high control accuracy, and good dynamic characteristics.

1.3. Phase loss protection: When the main circuit power supply has a phase loss, it will give an alarm and prompt the load to stop output in real time.

1.4. The soft start mode of the motor is voltage ramp, sudden jump and current limit mode. The initial start voltage value of the motor is digitally adjustable.

1.5. Perfect fault detection and alarm function, real-time detection of load speed, load current, control signal, feedback signal loss and other parameters.

1.6. Intrinsically safe product design.

1.7. Motor soft start: When starting, different soft start methods are used to eliminate the impact on the grid and itself during the initial operation of the motor. The soft start time parameter can be set.

1.8. Motor soft stop: When stopping, in order to eliminate the impact on the power grid and itself when the motor stops, the soft stop time parameter can be set.

1.9. It has the function of automatically identifying the phase sequence. There is no phase sequence requirement for the power supply of the control panel, no external synchronization signal is needed, debugging is free, and the wiring is convenient.

1.10. The control board has the function of detecting the unbalance of the three-phase current of the motor, and the motor will automatically stop when the winding phase or leakage or inter-turn open circuit occurs.