The composition of the MCU development system and the functions of each part

2020-12-16 14:50:47

The composition of the MCU development system and the functions of each part

  The full name of single chip microcomputer: single chip microcomputer

   That is to say, a chip that integrates all the functions of a computer into a chip can be called a single-chip microcomputer

   To put it plainly, it is an integrated IC

  Internal structure includes central processing unit CPU, program memory ROM, data memory RAM, I/O port, timer counter, external interrupt, serial communication, etc.

  The control system composed of single chip microcomputer as the core and other external circuits is called single chip microcomputer system

The development of single-chip microcomputers generally requires good hardware and software, because the development of single-chip microcomputers is for the development of the lowest level. The hardware can start with some commonly used electronic devices (such as diodes, transistors, 74XXXX series CD4XXX series logic chips, and Some operational amplifiers, AD, DA conversion, and various serial interface chips start to work). For software, you can start with assembly and then turn to C language development.


MCU development

Generally, we now use more MCS-51 single-chip microcomputers. It has more information, many people use it, and the market is also very large. We usually say that C51, C52, S51, S52 are all 51 cores, but The memory capacity is different, or the method of programming is different. As long as you learn 51, what Sunplus, AVR, and what kind of principles are the same. comprehend by analogy.

  The difference between development board and microcontroller

  Single-chip microcomputer is just a chip, some peripheral circuits need to be added to realize common functions

  Single-chip microcomputer development board is a circuit board composed of the main chip of the single-chip microcomputer and some commonly used electronic devices, which is convenient for beginners to learn and experiment

   The commonly used external LED lights above are 6 or 8 digital tubes, independent buttons, matrix buttons, LCD screen or its interface

  Serial EEPROM 24C02 stepper motor drive circuit, relay, infrared receiver, etc.

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