Controller-Controller solution development-Professional packaging machinery controller

2020-12-16 14:49:01

Controller-Controller solution development-Professional packaging machinery controller

Controller-controller program development-professional packaging machinery controller is evacuated by pneumatic vacuum generator, adopts the form of high-compressed gas high-speed flow for vacuuming. When vacuuming, it can directly extract the air and a small amount of the air from the nozzle Substances are directly discharged outside the machine and will not cause damage to the operating system. The vacuum degree achieved by the pneumatic vacuum generator pumping method is relatively low, but the pumping speed is greatly improved. For packaging that requires high vacuum, it is not recommended to use pneumatic vacuum generators to pump air.

●Easy operation. Use a small microcomputer controller to control each work program and action. The microcomputer program controller can not only control the sealing process such as heating, cooling, and action time, but also can be used as a packaging operation counter. Use the air pedal switch to operate. You can use the toggle switch to select the method of operation: manual pumping timer for sealing.

●The principle of air-pneumatic vacuum generator with high compressed air is to inject high-compressed air in the exhaust direction at a high speed, so that the space in the direction of the nozzle generates a large negative pressure, so that the surrounding air is constantly replenished to the nozzle position and sprayed To the exhaust direction, so as to achieve the effect of exhaust. The pneumatic vacuum generator uses this principle to achieve the purpose of vacuuming through the scientific design of the gas diversion structure. The exhaust speed is about 3 times that of the vacuum pump, and the vacuum achieved is about half that of the vacuum pump.

●The controller prevents overheating program. To ensure sufficient cooling time, when the cooling time set on the controller is less than the heating time, it cannot be set to prevent other problems caused by overheating.

●When the finger guard is abnormally sealed, the controller will sound an alarm or display the fault code on the digital display. In addition, when the finger is accidentally clamped into the sealing place during sealing, the sealing pressure plate will stop descending, automatically pop up, and return to the initial state. External pumping vacuum packaging machine/rotary packaging machine controllerHeat-sealing food packaging machine controller/packaging machine weighing controllerPackaging machine dedicated controller/computer controllerVacuum packaging machine quantitative packaging controller/packaging machine controller display controller /Shenzhen Packaging Equipment Controller Snack Food Packaging Machine and Accessories Packaging Machine Controller Air Conditioning Controller/Fully Automatic Vacuum Tray Packaging Machine Programmable Packaging Machine Controller Packaging Machine-Human-Machine Interface Programmable Controller Four-link Boxing Packaging machine programmable controller motion controller is widely used in the packaging machine industry