The role of voice IC chip

2020-12-16 15:02:54

The IC chip we usually see is a packaged chip with full pins, but the inside is actually a wafer made through multiple processes. This small wafer can implement multiple logic functions. Therefore, the complete IC chip manufacturing is divided into four parts: raw material production, IC design, wafer processing, packaging and testing. Here we mainly talk about the production of raw materials and wafer processing.

The raw material of Jingyuan is high-purity silicon with a purity of up to 98% obtained by smelting quartz sand. However, smelting-grade high-purity silicon is still multi-wafer silicon. There are many impurities and it is not suitable for chip design with extremely high sensitivity. Therefore, it takes several steps to make monocrystalline silicon suitable for the chip, and its purity must reach 99.9999999%. , So it is also called electronic grade silicon.

The content that the voice IC chip can play is as follows:

1) Various music songs, voice prompts, such as storytelling, reporting to bus stops, etc.;

2) Various special sound effects, such as telephone ringing, doorbell, animal calls, etc.;

3) Special attention should be paid to whether the content to be played contains MIDI chords, which is characterized by only playing the notes and melody of the song, which are commonly found in various music boxes, electronic pianos, alarm clocks, etc. If the content to be played is included If it contains MIDI chords, you need to select a chip that can play MIDI chords. Take the Taiwan Jiuqi chip as an example, you can choose its NY5 series to do it. If it involves high timbre requirements and the number of channels for electronic pianos, you can Choose 6-channel NY6 series or 8-channel NY7 series to do it.

Generally, the length of time is calculated according to the number of seconds of the sound content being played;

1) If the content of the sound played is repeated, for example, if a song is played 3 times in 7 seconds, it will be counted as 7 seconds;

2) If the content to be played contains MIDI chords, the time length is calculated based on the sounds other than the MIDI chords. For example, a story machine contains MIDI chords for 3 minutes, song music for 20 seconds, The story content is 30 seconds, generally 20 seconds according to the song music + 30 seconds of the story content = 50 seconds, and then leave a certain time margin for MIDI.