Children's positioning watch program development

2020-12-16 14:27:13 hongling

The emergence of the development of the children's positioning watch program has largely protected the personal safety of children. They can move freely in places where adults are not afraid of finding no one. What are the functions of the development of the children's positioning watch program? Let's take a look!

Children's watches mainly have three types: dumb terminal form, talkback form, and watch phone form; its working principle is mainly to make all the built-in systems of the watch intelligent, and then carry the smart phone system and connect to the network to realize the multi-function of the smart watch .

   One-touch call: Press and hold the corresponding buttons of the watch to make a call with the corresponding bound number; the mobile APP can also directly dial the watch number to make a call, and the watch end can answer with one button.

   Positioning function: dual positioning, the child positioning watch app supports users to turn on and off the GPS function by themselves.

   Dual-mode positioning: GPS and LBS dual-mode positioning are used, and the GPS positioning accuracy can reach within 5 meters to 10 meters outdoors.

  Remote Listening: When you want to know the surrounding environment of your child, you can monitor with one button. When this function is turned on, the watch will call back the phone in a silent state, and the sounds around the watch can be heard after being connected.

   Falling off alarm: When the watch leaves the child's hand, it will send an alarm to the mobile phone to remind the guardian to pay attention to the child's movement. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 anti-lost alarm reminder.

  Voice intercom: The voice intercom function realizes the WeChat conversation between the watch and the mobile phone. Press and hold the watch button to record the function, and automatically send the voice after releasing the hand; when the watch receives the voice, you can press the button to play, simple and convenient. At the same time, APP can also actively send voice to realize two-way voice conversation and two-way conversation.



  Time display: GPS automatically adjusts the time without manual setting.

   Pedometer function: monitor your child's movement at all times!

   Incoming call firewall: The watch can only accept incoming calls from bound numbers, but other numbers cannot dial in.

  Electronic fence: The mobile APP terminal can draw the fence area at will. Once the watch leaves or enters the range, it will send a prompt message like the mobile terminal. The mobile APP can set several different fence areas at the same time.

   Positioning range: 50-300 meters; GPS positioning range: 10-20 meters.