Knowledge points of unmanned vending container APP program development that investment enterprises must know

2020-12-16 14:28:42 hongling

In the past two years, along with the fire of the concept of "new retail", unmanned vending machines have become promising projects for investment companies. But if you want to invest in a project that you can quickly enter the market while ensuring the quality, investors should also understand the following two knowledge points.

   1. Specify the type of vending machine to invest in

When most investment companies invest in the development of the unmanned vending container APP program, they will know that unmanned vending cabinets include spring vending cabinets, crawler vending cabinets, lattice cabinets, RFID vending machines, gravity sensing cabinets, and image recognition cabinets. . However, investment companies are not very clear about where these six categories are suitable for placement and what products are suitable for sale.

  Industry experts said: First of all, unmanned sales containers are divided into two categories: first payment, second acquisition, and first payment and then payment. Among them, spring cabinets, crawler cabinets, and lattice cabinets are all methods of paying first and then picking up the goods. They have high safety performance and are suitable for public places such as parks, railway stations, communities, and subway stations. In addition, small lattice cabinets are also suitable for placing in hotel rooms

   The RFID vending machine, gravity sensor cabinet, image recognition and other functions use the method of taking the goods first and then paying. This kind of intelligent and experiential unmanned vending container is more suitable for placing in supermarkets, shopping malls and other places.

  2, choose a reliable development company

   From the current market perspective, most investment companies make some obvious mistakes when developing APP solutions for unmanned vending machines. That is, in order to allow the unmanned vending container to be introduced to the market more quickly, the enterprise will hand over the software and hardware parts to the two companies when developing the unmanned vending container APP program. But as everyone knows, this is not only difficult to guarantee the development process of the project, but also likely to affect the quality of development.

  Because the unmanned vending cabinet is an IoT project that integrates software and hardware. It requires software engineers and hardware engineers to work together in the development of APP and hardware processing of the vending cabinet. This also means that the two sides need continuous cooperation and discussion. However, if the two are assigned to two companies, it will be difficult to guarantee the relevant details of the product.

   Therefore, the second major element of investment companies in the development of unmanned vending container APP solutions is to find a company like Saiyi Technology that integrates software and hardware and specializes in providing customized development services for enterprises to conduct customized development.

   In summary, judging from the current market environment, there is indeed a market for the development of unmanned vending container APP solutions. It's just that when companies invest and develop them, they still pay attention to the above two elements, which is more conducive to the development of the project.