What is embedded development

2020-12-16 14:34:12 hongling

What is embedded development? With the explosion of smart hardware and the advent of the Internet of Things era, embedded technology has developed rapidly. As an Internet practitioner, if you don’t know embedded development, it’s a little bit behind the times. Simply put, embedded technology is application-centric, computer-based, and software and hardware can be customized to adapt to the application's requirements for function, reliability, cost, volume, and power consumption. For example, the smart phone we use every day is actually an embedded system. Its system consists of some basic hardware, such as storage, CPU, battery, etc., considering power consumption, so smart phones have customized an operating system. If the hardware of the computer is provided to the smart phone, then the phone will be made with high power consumption and large volume, so no one will use it. Therefore, the embedded system is a software system customized for the needs of the product.


Embedded Development


   Embedded technology originated from single chip microcomputer technology, which is the control and management of various electronic hardware devices. Today, the rapid development of the Internet has driven all walks of life to expand their business to embedded development. The domestic embedded software market is also growing year by year, and it is expected that the embedded software industry will meet a growth rate of more than 40% in the next three years.

   From my experience in software development for so many years, there is no distinction between high and low in software development. There are many programming languages. For example, C, C++, Java, etc. can all be used for software development. Generally, a Java programmer with 3 years of experience is around 15k, and an embedded engineer with two years of experience is probably around 15k. It is precisely because embedded development has a good development prospect that a large number of talents are needed.

   But if you want to engage in embedded development, you need to understand a lot of technology. A mature embedded engineer needs to understand application development, low-level development, and so on.

Generally, if we want to learn embedded development, we must start from basic Linux, C language, data structure development, then to ARM, assembly, Linux kernel, drivers, etc., and then become a qualified embedded development engineer through more project exercises .