What functions do ordinary smart bracelets need to attract users to purchase

2020-12-16 10:43:35

What function does the ordinary smart bracelet need to make it available to users? What function does the ordinary smart bracelet need to make it available to users? I think the response to this achievement must be 10,000 ideas out of 1,000 readers. Related article: "What functions does the smart bracelet app development include? 》 What are the general functions of smart bracelets 1: Users do not necessarily know their needs for the use of smart bracelets. "Jobs Biography" mentions that some people say: "Consumers give them what they want."-But That's not my way. Our responsibility is to figure out what they want in the future. I remember Henry Ford once said, “If I ask consumers what they want in the end, they should tell me,'I want a faster horse!'” People don’t know what they want until you put It is before them. Because of this, I never rely on market research. Because of this sentence, many people mistakenly think that Jobs is working behind closed doors, relying solely on his talent and mastery of the product. This is not the case in practice. He is very careful to listen to consumers, can keenly capture the pain points of users, and have a lot of communication with consumers. In the end, they chose to consume products according to their own ideas. In fact, they have fully considered the consumer's response and combined their own professional accumulation and comprehensive considerations. Users often can only extract a rough outline. As for the details of the carriage except for the faster speed, the product developers themselves are required to construct them. Like the Avatar we saw, the movie only showed the plot scenes that need to be seen by the audience, but in fact, Cameron once constructed all the details about the Avatar kingdom.

2: From a functional point of view, what functions should or may be possible with ordinary bracelets:

Basic functions: exercise detection, sleep monitoring, vibration reminder, heart rate monitoring. Specific application function:

(1) News push, call reminder, call rejection, blood oxygen saturation monitoring.

(2) GPS positioning, voice call, voice assistant, NFC and mobile receipt, decorative, somatosensory interaction. What are the functions of smart bracelets?

Bracelet use function

(1) Battery life: 3-30 days battery life, different brands and functions vary in time.

(2) Waterproof: IP65-IP68 waterproof, different brands and functions are different.

(3) Data transmission: Synchronous data speed. Nowadays, Bluetooth 4.0 protocol is basically adopted. The speed of data transfer from the bracelet to the mobile phone APP depends on the size of the data and the hardware and software of the bracelet. The speed varies. If you can use Wi-Fi to transmit data indoors, it will automatically switch to Bluetooth transmission outdoors, which must be popular among Chinese. For users, it must be possible to add all the above functions and adjust the function participation to the best, which is also excellent if you want. However, the more functions, the more cumbersome it is, the data synchronization speed will be reduced, the battery life will also be reduced, the price will increase sharply, the dial of the bracelet will be added, and the volume and weight of the bracelet will be increased. It seems that at present, we can't fully integrate the functions of mobile phones and computers. Similarly, we can't completely add all the functions you want to a bracelet.