The role of DSP in Bluetooth speakers

2020-12-16 10:54:07

The role of DSP in Bluetooth speakers

1. Definition

Digital signal processing is the theory and technology of processing signals by numerical calculation. Its original name in English is digital signal processing, or DSP for short. In addition, DSP is also short for digital signal processor, that is, digital signal processor, which is an integrated dedicated computer. One kind of chip is only as big as a coin. Sometimes people regard DSP as an application technology, called DSP technology and application.

Second, the scope of application

Information and communication engineering, circuits and systems, integrated circuit engineering, biomedical engineering, physical electronics, navigation, guidance and control, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, underwater acoustic engineering, electrical engineering, power engineering, aviation engineering, environmental engineering and other fields.

Three, characteristics and classification

Signal is the physical manifestation of information, or a function of transmitting information, and information is the specific content of the signal.

Analog signal: Refers to a signal with continuous time and continuous amplitude.

Digital signal processing

Digital signal: A signal that is discrete (quantized) in time and amplitude.

The digital signal can be represented by a sequence of numbers, and each number can be represented as a binary code, suitable for computer processing.

One-dimensional (1-D) signal: a function of independent variables.

Two-dimensional (2-D) signal: a function of two independent variables.

Multidimensional (M-D) signal: a function of multiple independent variables.

System: The physical device that processes the signal. In other words, all kinds of equipment that can transform the signal to meet people's requirements. Analog system and digital system.

The content of signal processing: filtering, transformation, detection, spectrum analysis, estimation, compression, recognition and a series of processing processing.

Most science and engineering encounters are analog signals. The theory and realization of analog signal processing were studied in the past.

Disadvantages of analog signal processing: it is difficult to achieve high precision, is greatly affected by the environment, has poor reliability, and is not flexible.

The advantages of the digital system: small size, low power consumption, high precision, high reliability, high flexibility, easy to integrate on a large scale, two-dimensional and multi-dimensional processing

With the rapid development of large-scale integrated circuits and digital computers, coupled with the maturity and perfection of digital signal processing theory and technology since the late 1960s, digital signal processing, that is, digital signal processing, has gradually replaced analog signal processing.

With the advent of the information age and the digital world, digital signal processing has become an extremely important subject and technical field.

Fourth, the application in Bluetooth audio

The professional-level DSP has built-in EQ adjustment function, and the professional-level DSP makes your speakers' bass more shocking

The professional DSP also has special functions such as mid-range vocal enhancement, high-range enhancement, 3D sound effects, etc. In this way, a small-sized portable Bluetooth speaker can also exceed the limit of the speaker volume and emit a truly outstanding sound. Therefore, it is more and more widely used in the design of the Bluetooth speaker PCBA scheme!

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