PCBA board specification introduction

2020-12-16 10:58:21

There are many specifications of PCBA board. Each PCBA board has different specifications, and its materials, prices, parameters, etc. are also different. The following Shenzhen Bluetooth audio PCBA manufacturers will explain to you in turn:


Divided by grade level from bottom to high as follows:

94HB, 94VO, 22F, CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-4

The details are as follows:

94HB: Ordinary cardboard, not fireproof (the lowest grade material, die punching, can not be used as power supply board).

94V0: Flame-retardant cardboard (punched by die).

22F: Single-sided half glass fiber board (die punching).

CEM-1: Single-sided fiberglass board (computer drilling is necessary, not die punching).

CEM-3: Double-sided semi-glass fiber board (except for double-sided cardboard, it is the lowest-end material for double-sided boards. Simple double-sided boards can use this material, which is 5~10 yuan/square meter cheaper than FR-4).

FR-4: Double-sided fiberglass board.

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