Public parking treasure shared parking app

2020-12-16 14:41:09

Shared parking space App development With the development of cities, the influx of vehicles has increased, and parking in limited urban spaces has become a common problem that people often encounter, and there are situations where parking places can not be found nearby. In order to better solve this problem for users, the shared parking app provides parking services and management. Allow users to quickly find the parking location and solve the parking needs.

1. Nearby parking location

By locating the user's location, finding the location of shared parking near the user, helping the user to quickly find the parking place.

Navigation function

Through the navigation function, the user can quickly reach the parking location, even if the user does not know the road, he can quickly reach the nearby parking location through the navigation function.

2. Online payment system

According to the parking fee, after the user completes the parking, the online payment parking function is performed to meet the user's habit of using mobile phones to pay.

3. User Center

In the user center, you can see the user's parking consumption record, see the user's payment order and personal basic information, etc.

4. Parking evaluation

A certain evaluation of this parking service will help improve service and improve management.

The Shared Parking Space App uses the principle of sharing economy to alleviate the difficulty of parking in the city to a certain extent. It can quickly help users find offline parking locations, make full use of offline parking resources, and better provide shared parking services. Integrate offline parking resources, and find nearby parking locations through the App.