Project development

2020-12-16 11:05:31 hongling

Project development

PT1901C is an ultra-high voltage linear input and output constant power LED driver IC with a maximum input voltage of 400V, suitable for driving high voltage and low current LED loads. The application scheme has very few external components and compact layout, which can be easily and flexibly applied to various small-sized or flat-type LED products.

PT1901C can provide 5~150mA constant current; PT1901C integrates a multiplier, which greatly improves the power factor of the system, as well as ultra-low system THD (meeting the highest standard of IEC); at the same time, the simple linear drive method does not require magnetic components, which is very Avoid EMI interference problems.

PT1901C uses a patented closed-loop control method to achieve constant output current control, with excellent linear adjustment rate and load adjustment rate, ensuring constant output average current within a certain input voltage range. At the same time, PT1901C also monitors the line network voltage in real time to achieve the effect of constant power.

In order to prevent IC overheating and damage, PT1901C integrates intelligent temperature control function. When the internal junction temperature of the IC rises to 135°C, PT1901C starts to reduce the output current. When the junction temperature reaches 155°C, the output current will decrease to 0. This can avoid the lamp flickering problem of traditional over-temperature protection methods.