Japan automatic infrared intelligent sensor foam soap dispenser

2020-12-16 11:09:39 hongling

Set: Including automatic sensor washing phone + foam hand sanitizer 250ML + 2 AA batteries

Stop the spread of germs, kill 99.9% of germs, and moisturize the skin of your hands. It is easy to use and can promote hand hygiene!

[Combination of three moisturizing ingredients]

Hyaluronic acid, coordinate vitamin C derivatives and natural fruity, tea-scented plant extracts; prevent dry skin on hands.


【High bactericidal effect】

Combining with the effective ingredient "salicylic acid" with extremely high sterilization effect, it is effective against various bacteria!

The scent can be chosen at will according to the mood, even if the previous ones are not used up, you can simply exchange them for storage.


Small and easy to place! Just put the hand sanitizer bottle upside down and insert it into the soap dispenser.



A. Tear off the seal of the bottle cap of the hand sanitizer refill, and then insert the hand sanitizer until you hear a tight click

B. Put 2 AA batteries (included) into the battery slot, and then close the cover;

C. Lay the phone flat and start the switch system on the back of the phone;

D. Put wet hands under the nozzle, the hand sanitizer will drip automatically.


(When the new machine is used for the first time, there will be no liquid or less liquid during the first induction, so it needs to be inducted several times. This is normal because the empty pipes in the new machine need to be filled with hand sanitizer. It's normal after one use.)


common problem:

1 How long can one bottle last?

Answer: A bottle of 250ml of hand sanitizer can squeeze about 250 times, squeezing out 1ml of bubbles each time.



2 How much hand sanitizer can be adjusted?

Answer: No, if you think it’s not enough to squeeze it once, you can just stretch it out again and get 1ml.

3 Can the machine be washed with water?

Answer: No, but you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth. (Remember to turn off the switch.)

5 What should I do if I do not use it for a long time?


Answer: Take out the battery, but do not remove the hand sanitizer replacement pack to prevent the hand sanitizer that has entered the machine from drying out!