Ten principles of chip inductors used in Smt chip processing

2019-09-02 17:13:44

Ten principles of chip inductors used in Smt chip processing


1. The spacing of the chip inductors is smaller than the inductor pitch to avoid excessive soldering stress causing excessive tensile stress to change the inductance value.


2. The accuracy of the chip inductors that can be purchased in the sales market is mostly ±10%. If the accuracy is higher than ±5%, it is necessary to order early.


3. Some chip inductors can be soldered by reflow soldering and wave soldering, but some chip inductors cannot be soldered using wave soldering. When repairing, you cannot replace the chip inductor by the amount of inductance. It is also necessary to understand the operating frequency band of the chip inductor to ensure the performance.


5. The shape and size of the chip inductor are basically similar, and there is no obvious mark on the shape. When soldering by hand or by hand, do not mistake the position or take the wrong part.


6. There are three common chip inductors at present: the first one, the high frequency inductor for microwave. Suitable for use in bands above 1 GHz. Second, high frequency chip inductors. Suitable for resonant circuits and frequency selective circuits. Third, a universal inductor. Generally applicable to circuits of several tens of megahertz.


7. Different products, the coil diameter is different, the same inductance, the DC resistance is also different. In the high-frequency circuit, the DC resistance has a great influence on the Q value, and special attention should be paid to the design.


8. Allowing the maximum current to pass is also an indicator of the chip inductor. When the circuit needs to withstand large currents, it is important to consider this indicator of capacitance.


9. When the power inductor is used in a DC/DC converter, the magnitude of its inductance directly affects the working state of the circuit. In practice, it is often possible to use a method of increasing or decreasing the coil to change the inductance to obtain the best result.

10. Commonly used wound inductors for communication equipment operating in the 150~900MHz frequency band. In frequency circuits above 1 GHz, microwave high frequency inductors must be used.