Custom PCBA professional Assembly

Product features:1. We offer One-shop PCAB/PCB Custom design and manufacturing service2.20 years ODM/OEM experiences3. We can provide F4B,F4BK, Teconic,Arlon,Rogers materia PCB4. Rich PCBAs and PCBs

  • Model: Custom PCBA professional Assembly
Product features:
1. We offer One-shop PCAB/PCB Custom design and manufacturing service
2.20 years  ODM/OEM experiences
3. We can provide F4B,F4BK, Teconic,Arlon,Rogers materia PCB
4. Rich PCBAs and PCBs design and tuning and audio design team.
5.Customize any shape,  size and function of PCBA according to your requirements.
6.High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line and  High density interconnected board placement technology capacity
7.Complete process production capacity and testing equipment and SMT welding.